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Welcome to SAFE Solutions! SAFE Solutions is a one-stop shop where community leaders search a compendium of research, educational materials, innovative approaches, and best practices curated from national subject matter experts to address the addiction epidemic.


What Makes SAFE Solutions Different

Many communities are already doing great work to respond to the complexities of the addiction epidemic. It’s not necessary to re-invent the wheel. With our changing environment, there is a lot of information available and many innovative efforts are being attempted that traditional research and information sharing practices are neither sufficient nor fast enough. That is why SAFE Project created this platform. We wanted to curate some of the best materials out there, so it can be easily accessed in one place. This allows community leaders to spend their time where it is most valuable - working within their communities.

To consistently bring you the most up-to-date information available, SAFE Project has brought together a nationwide network of multi-disciplinary subject matter experts who help to inform the content that you see here on this platform. This allows it to remain a living resource that continuously expands over time and incorporates new and cutting-edge ideas as they happen.

To be most effective and sustainable over time, a response effort must be centered within its community. By sharing information and digital assets, we can help communities explore and identify solutions that might work best for them. As it grows, this tool will be continuously filled with valuable information, strategy templates, educational tools and other resources that can be used freely by states or coalitions that are striving to address the many different challenges of the addiction epidemic.

Who Should Use This Resource?

SAFE Solutions’ primary audience is community-based leaders who are working in prevention, intervention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery support services. However, this is a multi-faceted problem that requires the engagement from leaders across all sectors. Therefore, we invite stakeholders from non-profits, businesses, government, and philanthropy to all utilize the resources contained in this platform and actively support their localized response efforts.

Use Freely.

There is no charge for using this resource . SAFE Solutions may reference tools that are not free, but the main purpose is to provide access to freely shared information and tools. This is intended to be non-commercial, like Wikipedia, but with more tangible resources to share beyond just information.

Share Generously.

SAFE Solutions is a carefully-structured and continuously growing compilation of evidence-based strategies, innovative ideas, lessons learned, and tools to help support understanding and implementation of plans to achieve positive change. When implemented in parallel and as a coordinated effort, these strategies can help communities make faster and more successful progress in achieving the important outcomes we hope to see: less people dying of overdoses, more people in successful recovery, and vibrant communities with hope.

If you have expertise, information, or anything you can share that will help others, we invite you to contribute! SAFE Solutions is about sharing tools that work for communities and is only as valuable as those who participate and contribute. To share tools that have worked in your community so another community can benefit from your experience, please email

How to Navigate SAFE Solutions

A user has two options:

1. Find solutions filtered by desired outcome (one of the seven circles at the top).

This option provides a mix of solutions from across prevention, early intervention, harm reduction, treatment, recovery, and systems - because to truly tackle the complexity of this epidemic it will require the collaboration of all partners.

2. Find solutions based on the Continuum of Care (one of the six elongated buttons on the bottom).

A great option if you’re a professional working within one specific area on the continuum of care and only wish to view solutions within that field.

SAFE Solutions is based on the thinking that there is no silver-bullet intervention that will solve this crisis, but rather that a robust, multi-faceted strategy is needed to simultaneously address as many factors as practical and use as many available resources that can be harnessed to implement that strategy.

If you are a coalition just getting started, start with SAFE Project’s Community Playbook and check out the strategies contained in the SAFE Solutions System Building button.

If you are a more advanced coalition looking to jump right into the strategies, you may choose to view the strategies filtered by Outcome (which offers ideas for an integrated approach) or filtered by the continuum of care (prevention, early intervention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery).


Any reference obtained from this platform to a specific product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement by SAFE Project of the product, process, service, or its producer or provider. The views and opinions expressed in any referenced document do not necessarily state or reflect those of SAFE Project.